DarkUmbra LogoDarkUmbra was founded in December 2009 by a few dedicated gamers looking to start something new. Inspired by other gaming forums, we aspired to become the go-to destination for custom gaming.

Years later, with thousands of custom games and content, DarkUmbra has become a hot spot for gamers of all makes and models. Our members are our lifeline – friendly, helpful, and above all else, dedicated to gaming!

Our products are inspired by gamers who appreciate digging into a great single player or grouping up with their crew and stomping online all while rocking some seriously comfy gear. We use only the very best materials and technology in every product and everything is produced in the USA.

In order to be accessible to as many people as possible, we price our items as close to retail cost as possible. The tiny bit that's left, helps to support and improve DU for everyone!

We hope you enjoy!

-DarkUmbra Team